Peter Badstue Jensen / 皮特· 白斯度 · 延森: 副总裁 (CSP发电和综合能源系统部)

Peter Badstue Jensen is Executive Vice President, active shareholder and Board member of Aalborg CSP A/S, responsible for driving the company’s growth through project development and R&D of renewable energy systems across the globe.

As part of the founding team, Peter joined Aalborg CSP in 2007 and has since then contributed to the development of cutting-edge solar-thermal installations totalling more than 1,700 MWth globally. These include key components for large-scale concentrated solar thermal (CSP) plants, industrial-scale renewable energy systems, first-of-its-kind demonstration plants and several test facilities. Among others, Peter led development of a world-first integrated energy system based on the CSP technology producing heat, desalinated water and electricity for Sundrop Farms’ horticultural activities in the Australian desert. In collaboration with knowledge-based companies and institutions, linked to his name are also development of breakthrough energy technologies aiming to provide on-demand renewable power production, such as game-changing thermal energy storage (TES) systems, a new era of heliostats, different molten salt components and more.

Peter has nearly 40 years of experience with energy systems, initially within the oil & gas and marine sectors and then moving onto the  renewable energy industry, he has been engaged in projects across Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East & North Africa and Australia  With a hands-on technical background and a commercial mindset, he has the tendency to identify feasibility of projects with ease and to develop optimized energy systems based on the project’s individual geographical location and the related energy requirements.

From his 7 years as expatriate in Indonesia and setting up an energy engineering company including a full-fledge steam boiler workshop,  Peter acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of business operation as well as of the cultural differences essential to bring large-scale projects to life. 

With his active involvement in general management of Aalborg CSP, Peter has over the past decade established substantial business ties, thus facilitating new project development. He holds an Advanced Marine Engineering’s Degree from Aalborg College of Engineering and is a frequently invited speaker at different events at technical institutes and universities.